Welcome visitors. I’m an aspiring writer, who has tried writing on many sites before. This will be the first time I’m going to post my stories on a blog site. From time to time, I will be blogging about issues such as anime, manga, gaming, movies, literature, etc. I may also post more serious topics, but that is not exactly a given.

Anyway, first of all some introductions. As mentioned earlier, I’m an aspiring writer who has tried writing on many sites. My main genre of choice is fantasy. However, I also take time to read other genres, as it helps me with my craft. I also know how to draw a little, but I’m pretty much an amateur that only knows how to make designs. I also enjoy anime, manga, video games and occasionally watch movies.

As for the story, here’s a summary:

The weight of a crown is great and burdensome. Not everyone can just assume the position to rule. It requires conviction and wisdom. This is something Sasha must learn before she could ever take her father’s place.

Recently, King Argos XIII passed away to an incurable illness, leaving his only child as the rightful heir to the kingdom. On his deathbed, King Frederick appoints Uriel as the regent, until Sasha is finally ready to bear the responsibility. However, not everyone is pleased with the arrangement, as many find it uncomfortable to have a witch govern them.

Upon taking the throne, Uriel makes a string of questionable choices and decisions. Sasha also discovers a number of dark secrets about the regent. Unsure who to trust, it is up to Sasha to save the kingdom from Uriel’s dark clutches and learn the truth about everything: the witch, her allies and her father’s death.

Tangled in this world of dark intrigue, Sasha may also discover that her greatest enemy may also prove to be her greatest teacher. 

So there you go. My work is clearly not perfect, so I’d appreciate any sort of feedback. Feel free to criticize and correct anything you feel is incorrect and inconsistent.


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