Hidden Gems – Manga Reviews: Nukoduke

Nukoduke is a shoujo comedy series created by Yugi Iro. It’s centered around a young man and his two young Nuko: Kei and Sasame. Nuko are breed of creatures with both the features of human and cat. They look like humans, but have cat ears, tails, senses and abilities. In addition, they can communicate with other animals, as if they were speaking plainly.

This series can cause diabetes and heart attacks from cute.
This series can cause diabetes and heart attacks from cute.

Nukoduke is a sweet comedy series that doesn’t have any plot. It solely centers around the owner and his two Nukos and their everyday lives. It’s fairly simple: an adult taking care of his two children. Right off the bat, I just want to mention that Nukoduke is the most adorable manga I have ever read. Every chapter makes my heart ache with sweetness. The stories are so simple, yet it’s so interesting to see two kids trying to wander around a large world, with everyone admiring their cuteness. There are moments that hit you right in the feels, but most of the time, it is just about being adorable and innocent. There is no plot, but I do enjoy reading about their everyday lives.

The art is very shoujoesque. It’s got the pretty male characters, adorable mascots and simple backgrounds. Regardless, the art is still fantastic and captures the very sweetness of the series. However, there is one thing that concerned me a little. In recent chapters, the Nukos have changed a bit. I’m not sure whether this is simply them getting older, or the artist’s style is changing along the way. Regardless, the Nukos are still drawn adorably and can still pull your heartstrings.

Hide your masculinity, or lose it here.
Hide your masculinity, or lose it here.

If you are into shoujo, this is definitely a pickup. If you are into shounen, seinen or action in general, a bit of a warning: this series is too damn adorable. Before you know it, you’re cheeks will be as red as a tomato, while your heart level raised high from overdose of sweetness.


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